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Putting Families First

The key to Alberta's success is its people and the vision they have for the future of this province. This means staying competitive with a global knowledge economy and ensuring the health of our communities. To do this, we must ensure every Albertan has access to leading-edge education at all levels. We must continue to ensure programs are in place that support continuous growth and learning, whether in the educational system or in the workforce. We do this by investing in our teachers and educational systems from primary schools to post-secondary, and beyond.
But education is only one piece of the puzzle; our families and communities need access to the healthcare resources that allow Albertans to thrive. This means introducing new programs in communities across the province to facilitate access to healthcare providers - whether physicians, pharmacists or nurses, getting answers to important healthcare questions will keep us all healthy.
Going forward, we need our budget to accommodate, not only for our growing population, but for the needs of that population. Our class sizes, approach to healthcare and access to services must all be considered and decisions made where funds will be spent to maintain the high quality of educational and health services Alberta has become known for.